Mediva also expands to put on larger projects, working with a range of musicians and singers.

SEQUENCES  Hildegard von Bingen /// Hugh Collins Rice 

Medieval chant and modern compositions specially written for Mediva.

CD available on itunes and amazon

Sequences 2 cropped


BALLARE e DANZARE  Dances for an Italian Banquet 

Dance music from C15th choreographies by Domenico da Piacenzo and Guglielmo Ebreo - dancing masters to the Italian nobility.

CD available from the Historical Dance Society

Dominco da Piacenza cropped bw

CD compilation


GABRIEL'S MESSAGE Music for an English Advent 

The fire crackles and the spiced wine is warmed with carols and estampies from medieval England celebrating the Angel Gabriel’s visitation to the Virgin Mary.

CD available on itunes, spotify and amazon

Gabriel copy

Nowell, Tidings True /// Anon C15th Carol

Stella Splendens /// Anon C15th Carol

A CALL TO ARMS  L’Homme Arme Mass /// Guillaume Dufay 

The rousing C15th call to arms, preserved in songs and mass settings, brought to life with the powerful sound of medieval wind instruments and male voices.

L'Homme Arme copy

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